After being very happy about how this series turned out, I felt the need to see the photos in a printed state. Shortly after I came to the decision that this needs to be done and just today I finished the visual work on an artbook design for my ‘Holtleven’ photography series and there is only some written work left to do. The book consists of 28 pages of photography and text done by me, including yet unpublished poems and photos. 

Yet the last step is also the biggest: Getting it printed. Mainly because along with it comes the question: Would any of you like to purchase a copy of this? I myself am a huge lover of artbooks, so maybe there are some of you out there as well that might be interested in my stuff. 

So if you’d be interested in a copy of this, drop me a message or reply to this post and let me know. And keep in mind that the pictures above are only preview pictures and do not show the actual book. The form will differ a bit, the images themselves will of course be included. 

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